Simple Dressing

I've always liked the kind of dress that's simple and comfortable enough to just throw on but still has that really fun element to it that makes you feel like you're not being lazy about getting dressed. On Sundays I'm pretty lazy...I'm not only one right? What I love about this dress so much is the floral pattern...it's bold and black and white...like my favorite colors to wear. I usually switch out the shoes, add a belt, or sometimes wear another skirt over the dress to change it up when I want to put in more effort...but for a simple day of running around getting errands done...this was perfect. No fuss, just a dress and some cute heels.
I just kinda like this picture because of Scar's face...like you better watch yourself with those spiked heels. lol

xoxo erica


  1. Such a cute dress, love the fabric design, gorgeous doll xx

  2. Love your dress- the print is amazing!!

    Have a lovely week,
    Mary x

  3. That dress is really cute! I'm with you on just throwing on thing on and feeling awesome! Dresses with prints or fun embellishments make it easy to do just that!

  4. Simple is always better, and a floral dress is always a win, looks great!!

  5. I love how your kitty makes cameos :) such a cute dress!


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