Hair Tutorial // Bubble Topsy Tail

 Every Thursday Chris and I play softball in a co-ed league with a team made up of his family and my brother. I really try to avoid wearing my hair in a pony tail because of my little baby hairs that fly up when my hair is pulled back. I usually wear my hair in a braid of some sorts and just pin back any loose hairs. Last week I tried out this hairstyle and really liked the look of it. The tightened topsy tail kind of reminds me of a fishtail braid but different, if that makes any sense? Anyway,  I thought I would share. It's quick and easy so give it a try this weekend.
 Pull hair to one side and loosely rubber band.
Place another rubber band about 2 inches down from first rubber band to create the first "bubble".
Start doing a topsy tail by splitting hair into two sections.
Pull hair through the hole. 
 Pull on hair to tighten your topsy tail.
Rubber band hair a little further down again and repeat steps.
 Keep going until you have a bunch of bubbles.
xoxo erica


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