Hair Tutorial // Unicorn Braid Headband Tutorial

 When I first did a unicorn braid on myself years ago, I was obsessed. I saw a pretty fishtail hairstyle like this and thought it would be even more amazing with a unicorn braid. I'm loving it...and it's always a good hairstyle when you can have a braid and your hair down too. win win. Try this and be ready to amaze people...like for real. It's that pretty.
 Grab two pieces slightly behind the front of your hair.
Twist each piece counter clockwise. 
Once both are twisted, twist them together going clockwise.
 Repeat on other side and you have two small unicorn braids!
 Pull braid back and across and pin. Try to hide your pins by getting under the opposite braid or your hair. Repeat to the other braid and you're all done!
xoxo erica


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