Interior Design Turned Fashion: Casual Glam

Lately I've been drawn to polka dots and I think that's what caught my attention in this room. I love the statement art with all it's simplicity of just being polka dots in a monochromatic color scheme. I've noticed that with these interior turned fashion posts I tend to create outfits with skirts which I guess is more me anyway, but this time I wanted to show you how I would dress up a more casual look. Every now and then I go for a pair of shorts and I love the contrast of taking something so casual and dressing it up with heels and red lipstick. I was also inspired by the room to style this look with accessories that have a gold mirrored look. Oh and by the way I think polka dots just make everything a bit more fun...don't you?

Casual Glam

xoxo erica

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  1. I'm in love with the outfit! Kisses!

  2. My favourite piece here is the simplest item - the tank! Happy Wednesday!

  3. Its so creative how you do these posts! I can see the similarities in both images. I love that grey tank top. Its simple but i love that cut and fabric

  4. Love your interpretation of the room. Loving all the metallics!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. I think polka-dots are cute and that's just it. Every time I put polka-dots on, I look and feel like a little girl. I much prefer your way of adding it in!

  6. I love the neckLace :)
    Have a good day sweetie ,
    kiss from Brazil

  7. i like polka dots too :) that room is gorgeous, i love interior design! that outfit would look so cute, love the smart shoes, red lips and denim shorts! xxx

  8. love polka dots!! it's been an unnatural obsession for years now.

    Love the outfit pairing.

    C x


  9. Great choices for dinner + movie. Love the heels. xA

  10. Yup, would so wear this for a movie date. Gosh, I love this translation too! Great outfit put together :)

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  11. Great look! Not something I would wear, because i always think shorts make me look like a bean pole, but I would wear it to a lunch by the sea :))) xx

  12. Love this outfit! I'm obsessed with polka dots, and in Texas let's face it, I'm all about shorts during the summer!!!

  13. love the outfit you have created!! :)


  14. I would wear this to hang out with my girls. Fun outfit!



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