If You Want Something Do It Yourself: Tie Dye Shorts

I've really been into cutoff shorts ever since I made my studded pair and I was looking for some fun summer shorts to wear for the 4th of July. I thought why not just make my own...plus I was wanting to get my hands on something tie dyed this summer. I wanted to post this a bit early just in case you need to find a pair of white pants or shorts...I found white pants for about $2 at the thrift store and made them into cutoff shorts. I used these spray dyes (s-e-i tumble dye) back in school and they were so easy to use and a great alternative to using actual fabric dye that I went ahead and purchased them for this project.

I really love the way these shorts turned out and if you want them too...

Here's how to do it yourself:

Gather parts of your shorts and tie them. The directions on the bottle recommended that it was best for the fabric to be wet when doing tie dye so I followed and ran them under water until the shorts were damp.

Begin to spray your dye in the areas you want.

 I used red on top and blue on the bottom, leaving the middle section alone.

Take out the rubber bands, let them air dry, and then put them in the dryer for about 20 minutes.

All done & ready to wear!

xoxo erica

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  1. Dayam, those look great. And to think that people pay upwards of $100 for them!

  2. These shorts are really cute... I mean REALLY cute. Totally have some old white shorts I could do this to.

  3. Oh wow, these turned out awesome! :D
    I so need to try it out, they'll be perfect for the 4th!

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  4. the shorts turned out really great! would wear them immediately!

    head + heels

  5. They look awesome! Are you able to wash them without the colours coming off though or are they just a one off fun thing to wear? I've never dyed anything before so I'm clueless :)

  6. Really cute idea! They look so pretty!

  7. OMG! Love this shorts DIY! I'll see if I can do this too:)

  8. Love this! And even though sometimes it takes longer, can be a pain, and sometimes just as costly once you factor in supplies, I always get such satisfaction out of making things on my own rather than just buying them n a store!

  9. ohhh this DIY is amazing! I love your shorts, they're soooo cool!
    and your shoes are awesome^^

    xoxo Jenni

  10. aww the shorts look fab! thanks for the lovely comment :)



  11. This is a really cool DIY! I like that the dye you're using seems to be a lot less of a mess than traditional dyes.


  12. Sweet! I love tie dyeing however I usual do it with only 1 color.

  13. Those are really awesome! And perfect for 4th of July (and year round of course!)

  14. I think you did a great job :)


  15. This turned out so well! I had no idea that you could spray on your tie-dye - what a great way to do it!

  16. Uau, its amazing!! I'm still searching for those tie dye inks!


  17. Shoot! I just bought some tie dye shorts (white, yellow and navy). Maybe I could try this with a denim pair I have. Great tutorial.

    Quiet Luxury

  18. Great DIY, they look awesome :) xx

  19. so cute 4th of July shorts, I am going to make some for my daughter!

  20. those shoes!!!! love them!!!

  21. Awesome project!! Your shorts turned out great, love them!


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